Wednesday, 23 April 2014
About I-2-I

I-2-I Technologies, LC [I-2-I] is a mid-sized Texas based company with a North America scope of operations. The primary operational focus of I-2-I is video communications technologies in all environments including business, education, criminal justice, and military. As an approved video conferencing equipment and services vendor on the multi-state TCPN contract and E-rate participating vendor, I-2-I is well positioned to provide unsurpassed support for any anticipated video communications project. I-2-I’s professional, certified staff has extensive, proven success in all aspects of video communications technologies including evaluation, design, installation and customer support of successful projects which range in size from small to multi-national applications. The primary factors that allows I-2-I to provide customers with unsurpassed levels of completed project operational results and customer satisfaction are:

Ability to adapt existing and emerging technologies to customer needs

  • Expert, professional staff
  • Customer support.

The ability of I-2-I to successfully adapt existing and emerging technologies to the customer’s stated project needs is based on “listening”. Actually listening to customer needs and project requirements are the beginning of I-2-I’s professional customer service and is the key to the successful completion of an existing project upgrade or new proposed project. Simply put, I-2-I’s expert, professional staff is fully trained to really listen to the stated project operational requirements and to seamlessly transfer these requirements to a planned orderly project that is completed on time and within budget.  

Staff members of I-2-I have many years of seasoned experience and are fully certified in the evaluation, planning, operational installation and application of all video communications technologies. Equipment manufacturer certifications and formal education form the backbone of the educational base of all staff members. In addition, staff members extensive formal education is well grounded in years of practical “in the field” experience with real world applications of video communications technologies. I-2-I’s unequaled experience base is extensive and ranges from a small rural elementary school’s single videoconferencing system to multi-site, multi-national corporations video communications systems and related networks.

I-2-I provides constant consistent customer support from the beginning stages of a project to its successful completion, as well as, technical support after project completion. All support personnel are fully versed in all aspects of unequalled levels of support at the operational level. Both technical knowledge and real world experience allow the I-2-I support staff to resolve support issues in a timely and effective manner. At I-2-I, all staff members at all levels are customer support focused since our primary goal is the successful completion and operation of all projects in accordance with the customer’s needs.